Clutch Slacks Creek

Need a new clutch kit, clutch replacement or repair ?
We have been diagnosing clutch related problems for over 45 years.
From complete clutch kit replacement to simple hydraulic problems that include clutch master, slave cylinders and hoses.

A clutch cable adjustment is often all that is needed, we can diagnose your clutch related problems and quote on all repairs needed.
UMR Engines can overhaul, service or inspect all areas of your clutch system.

Dual mass flywheel(DMF) as used in some 4×4’s will add significant cost to the replacement of your clutch. UMR Engines can supply a single mass flywheel(SMF) in most cases at a reduced price.
This replacement will normally last longer without the inherent problems that are associated with the complex dual mass flywheel system.
We can supply and install Genuine OEM clutches, EXEDY H/DUTY SPORTS TUFF CLUTCH KITS or good quality after market clutches to suit your budget.

Clutch Services

  • Clutch Kits – 2WD / 4WD
  • Standard / Upgrade kits available
  • Fitting service
  • Flywheel machining
  • Clutch replacement
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • New / Reconditioned Clutch master cylinders
  • New / Reconditioned slave cylinders
  • Hydraulic hose replacement
  • Pressure & Clutch plates
  • Spigot & throwout bearings
  • Clutch diagnostics
  • Clutch inspection

Flywheel Grinding

We machine your flywheel on our Comic flywheel machine. Our highly trained technicians dial in your flywheel to ensure precision grinding of your flywheel face. Accurate amounts of material are measured and machined from the secondary pressure plate position to retain original clutch clamping pressures. As experienced engine reconditioners we understand the importance of accurate machining of these components to ensure smooth vibration free operation.

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