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UMR Engines can carry out LPG Service, LPG Repairs, LPG Installations & LPG Gas leak detection at Slacks Creek and surrounding suburbs like Rochedale, Springwood, Logan Central, Marsden & Shailer Park & all of Brisbane area. UMR Engines are the LPG Repair professionals. UMR Engines has all the equipment to carry out your LPG Repair, Service or LPG Tune up. UMR Engine’s 4 gas analyser is used for your LPG Tuning, UMR Engines can connect to most Sequential LPG Injected ecu vehicles via a laptop to finely tune your LPG and to see if there is any trouble codes logged in the computer. UMR Engines can repair and diagnose most LPG Faults at a competitive price because we have the experience and equipment to get the job done. Let UMR Engines carry out your LPG repairs, LPG Service & LPG Installations on your motor vehicle.

Remember every 10 years your LPG cylinder has to be inspected, tested, valves replaced and re-stamped. This process requires the removal of the LPG cylinder from your vehicle while these tests are carried out. Beach driven 4 wheel drives often suffer from corrosion of the cylinder and may not pass the test and inspection. These cylinders often have to be replaced because the salt and sand that collects between the cylinder shield and the cylinder is not washed away after beach work. It is a good practice to thoroughly wash any sand and salt from the underside of your vehicle paying special attention to your LPG cylinder. UMR’s Certified Number A0869

An exhaust gas analyser has to be used when checking and tuning LPG. UMR Engines at Slacks Creek Brisbane has a quality exhaust analyser and we supply a read-out of the tune settings. This read-out allows us to determine that the tune will produce the best possible power and economy for your vehicle. LPG service and tune is not cheap but safety and economy far outweigh the cost. Book in today and we will soon have your LPG vehicle performing correctly again. Registered LPG conversion and repair workshop: UMR’s Certified Number A0869

LPG tuning is important. Almost all people with LPG vehicles had the conversion or purchased the LPG vehicle simply to lower the running costs. This will happen only if the services and tuning of your LPG vehicle are kept to a high standard. Unfortunately LPG vehicles requires better spark and more frequent tuning than petrol vehicles. Often the engine will appear to be performing fine on petrol but will miss and stall on LPG. Some particular models will backfire on LPG while performing without a hitch on petrol. Injected LPG systems are much more reliable and will hold their tune better than vapour LPG systems. Modern LPG systems both vapour and injected are very economical due to the electronic controls used to monitor and change the mixtures to suit the driving conditions. Again unfortunately the computers used are subject to failure after a few years and can cause poor economy or failure of the system. It is a good practice to carry out a service health check and tune at least every 12 months.