Vehicle Tuning

Engine and Vehicle Tuning

Tune up’s are an important part of your cars maintenance. UMR Engines at Slacks Creek can tune your engine to ensure it is delivering the best power and fuel economy possible. At UMR Engines car repairs slacks creek we have a 4 gas analyser and scan tools that allow a health check of your engines electronics and fuel emissions. This equipment allows UMR to determine the condition of your electronic components including the fuel injectors. UMR is also an approved LPG installation and repair workshop, so petrol or LPG tunes are no problem. If the fuel injectors require a clean and service we have the state of the art electronic fuel injector service equipment. We can also pre test to establish injector faults. UMR uses a heated ultra sonic bath to clean the injectors while running the injectors in simulated road conditions. The injectors are then bench tested for ultimate efficiency. We replace the internal filter baskets, pintle caps and o rings to ensure a long service life of your injectors.