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Radiator & Cooling System Repair

Slacks Creek – Brisbane

At UMR Engines Slacks creek Brisbane we realise the importance of using only high quality engine coolant. The change in engine design and the move to lighter alloys as the main metal used in cylinder head castings has made it necessary to ensure that the coolant does not corrode the components. Modern motor vehicles are built in a very competitive market . Some manufacturers have used different quality alloy castings, some of which tend to corrode more than others. Most radiators are designed with light alloy radiator cores.

At UMR Engines our professional team of mechanics can pressure test your cooling system and check for leaks, test the effective life of your engines coolant, carry out engine coolant flushes, check water pumps, thermostats, cooling fans and belts. If you have a cooling system problem UMR Engines will come up with the best solution for your problem. UMR Engines can supply and fit good quality radiators at a competitive price. Our great service will have you cooled down in no time.

Blocked radiatorThis picture shows water flowing out of the cores, you can see only about 1/3 of the radiator is efficient. This lack of flow will greatly reduce the cooling efficiency of the radiator. Luckily no damage occurred to this head gasket.





close-up-of-blocked-radiatorThis is a close up of a radiator core showing the cores badly blocked. A blocked radiator will greatly increase your chances of damage to your engine. Call UMR Engines to have your radiator and cooling system looked at today.





  • Radiator clean out repairs
  • Radiator replacement
  • Engine running hot
  • Radiator flush service
  • Radiator coolant replacement
  • Radiator caps
  • Radiator hoses inspect or repace
  • Heater hoses inspect or replace
  • Head gasket check
  • Power flush your radiator
  • Hole in radiator, repair or replace
  • Broken radiator, repair or replace
  • Cracked radiator, repair or replace