Steering repairs



At UMR Engines we can check your steering components for wear and offer a solution with replacement parts. We can supply and fit either genuine, high performance aftermarket or standard aftermarket parts to suit your budget. Our workshop has been certified by the transport department since 1987 to carry out Road worthy safety certificates. (certificate number 3583) Our experience ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive and that any steering problems will be brought to your attention at your service intervals. The care of your steering components will assist with longer life from your tyres and safer driving. Phone UMR Engines at Slacks Creek Brisbane for all your repair needs.

Some of the steering component manufacturers we recommend include: Genuine dealer parts, Pedders, Repco, NSK and TRW components


Does your vehicle make a whining noise especially when turning or maybe even a steering wheel vibration ?

UMR Engines Brisbane can diagnose your vehicle noises to establish where the noise is coming from. A lot of people assume they have a wheel bearing noise, but in matter of fact it could just be tyre related.

UMR Engines can remove & install your wheel bearings, from complete hub assembly, tapered cone type bearings & press in style wheel bearings. UMR Engines only uses high quality & trusted wheel bearing manufactures for all 2wd and 4wd applications including swivel hub (tractor joints) on some model 4wd vehicles. Our most popular swivel hub (Tractor Joint) (knuckle Joint) that we replace is on a Toyota Land Cruiser 78, 80, 90 & 100 series.


  • Over loading
  • Poor Quality
  • Incorrect fitting of the wheel bearing
  • Over adjustment of the wheel bearing
  • Lack of grease in the wheel bearing
  • incorrect grade of grease
  • Failure of the dust seal, resulting dust and water contamination
  • Vehicle Accident

Wheel bearing pressWheel bearings should only be fitted by trained technicians for several reasons

Safety (Most important) worse case a wheel bearing, or hub can completely come off, resulting in accident
Incorrect fitting can cause premature failure of the bearing
Damage to the wheel hub
Extra expense from damaging other parts from lack of experience

Some Wheel bearings require speciality tools
12 Tonne press
Universal Hub Remover

While attending to your wheel bearing we will inspect your tyres, brakes, steering & suspension joints to ensure a complete and safe job.
UMR Engines is located at 7 Moss Street, Slacks Creek. UMR Engines will give you top service & safely repair your vehicle.