Cylinder head reconditioning



3 angle valve seat machingValve seat machining: All our cylinder head valve seats are machined with our 3 angle Serdi valve seat machine and are vacuum tested to ensure a perfect seal every time. In our cylinder head machine shop we guarantee our valves and seats are machined for a perfect fit giving maximum performance and long life to your valves. UMR Engines has over 40 years experience as a cylinder head machine shop. We can supply fully reco exchange heads or repair your cylinder head to suit your requirements.



aluminium welding cylinder headsAluminium welding: We can repair corroded out water jackets, weld and repair damaged or corroded combustion chambers, weld and repair cracks using a high quality Tig welder. It is important that a cylinder head machine shop has highly experienced tradesman to carry out welding repairs. Our cylinder head machine shop has Lindsay overseeing all aspects of the cylinder head repairs and has been an important part of our team for over 30 years……Quality repairs that last.



Hot water pressure testing on cylinder headsPressure testing: We can pressure test cast iron or aluminium cylinder heads, blocks, oil coolers, etc. If your trying to find the problem with water in your engine oil, or engine oil in your radiator, we can test your engine components. Our pressure tester is equipped with a heater element that heats the water system to around 90 degrees Celsius and with 30 PSI of pressure it will more than simulate operating conditions. In our cylinder head machine shop we carry out both a cold & hot test to guarantee results.



Crack detecting using ultraviolet lightUltraviolet crack detection: We can carry out an ultra violet crack test on your cast iron cylinder head. We recommend this process on all cast iron heads especially diesel cylinder heads and early model Holden’s, Ford’s and Chev’s as they are prone to cracking. In our machine shop we recommend crack testing all cast iron heads as the foundation to any repair work. Cracks unseen by the naked eye are clearly visible during an ultra violet crack test.



Crack repairing on cylinder heads and engine blocksCrack repairing: Crack repairing on cylinder heads for petrol or diesel is a common process. All crack repairs are tested and repaired by our experienced trades people. Our cylinder head machine shop has over 40 years experience in recovering cracked cast iron heads into usable cylinder heads. This process is very important when we are dealing with old-school engines where there is no replacement heads available. Blue flame Chev’s, grey and red Holden’s, early ford 6’s and v8’s are all becoming hard to find and crack repairing is required to save these marvels of the past. Where possible our machine shop is happy to crack repair any hard to locate cylinder head, block or casting.


Services we can offer in our fully equipped cylinder head machine shop

• Surface grinding
• 3 Angle valve seat machining
• Performance work
• Porting and polishing
• Machining and modifications
• Alloy Welding
• Thread repairing
• Pressure testing
• Crack repairing
• Crack testing
• Bead Blasting
• Ultra Sonic cleaning
• LPG Valve seat inserts
• Screw in studs
• Shim tappet adjustment
• Overhead cam assembly
• Oversize valves
• Acid bath
• Assembly
• Exchange cylinder heads
• Valve Guides

For over 40 years UMR Engines Slacks Creek – Brisbane has been providing business & private clients professional cylinder head machining. Our cylinder head machine shop is fully equipped to recondition a large range of cylinder heads with our modern equipment and machinery which makes it possible to provide a high quality job every time. We commence with carrying out a visual inspection, hardness test (aluminium heads), check for straightness and vacuum test valves to ensure positive seating. If reconditioning is required, we then dismantle, clean and assess the cylinder head prior to contacting you with a price on reconditioning including any parts that need replacing and any extras like welding, straightening or inserting if required. We will require valve stem seals to reassemble your head which you can supply or we can provide a quality Valve Regrind Set (VRS) at a competitive price.