Astra X18XE Timing Belt

Holden Astra – Cruze – Barina Timing Belt water pump installation

The most common timing belt failure we get is from a Holden Astra, Barina or Holden Cruze, These 3 vehicle engines are all very similar in design. We often see these brake timing belts, which can be a result from not being replaced at the scheduled service due at 60,000km. Most  people assume the timing belt is only due at 100,000 km not at 60k. We highly recommend the water pump is replaced at the same time as the timing belt as we often see the water pump overlooked & failing causing the timing belt to strip teeth or completely break. Some of these model engines have plastic timing pulleys which are prone to fail. UMR Engines Slacks Creek Brisbane highly recommend a complete replacement of all the timing tensioners, water pump & timing belt when replacement of the timing belt is carried out