Welding Aluminium Cylinder Heads

Welding Aluminium Heads – BRISBANE


Things we consider when Welding aluminium heads at UMR Engines.

If an aluminium cylinder head is cracked and the crack is in a position that is accessible with the aluminium tig-welder, it is generally repairable. if you were to grind out the crack suitable for tig welding UMR Engines advises to drill out both ends of the crack. Make a drill hole covering the end of the crack to be aluminium welded and into solid uncracked material. To check if your drill holes covered the crack, visually recheck the drill holes. On the inner sides of the drilled holes the crack should be visible down the depth of the hole and no crack should be visible on the opposite sides of the drilled holes. This eliminates the crack extending further as you weld and heat the area being repaired.

Grind out the crack that is now between the two drilled holes. Aluminium Weld the bottom of the crack from the inner edges of the drilled holes. Run a second bead over the alloy welded crack before welding the holes that are at each end of the crack. Complete the aluminium welding of the drilled holes then slowly let the repair cool. Check for cracking in the repaired area and beyond, if ok continue with the final aluminium weld over the complete crack repair. Recheck again for cracks after slowly cooling the head. If the area looks ok, it can now be machined to suit.

If the aluminium weld is on the machined face of the head, recheck for porosity holes after machining. Always ensure that the repaired area is suitable for a compression seal with the head gasket sealing ring.

If The alloy head is considered un-repairable, UMR Engines 32080017 should be able supply a new aluminium bear casting head from our wholesale trade supplier, OzWIDE Engine Parts.